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Welcome Back to School - 2020/2021 Session, Second Term

Welcome Back to School - 2020/2021 Session, Second Term

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Due to the postponement of resumption, there is a need to make our online offering a bit more comprehensive. To this end a new feature has been added to

This feature is called Assignment. Using this feature a student will be able to answer and submit written assignments. They will also have to respond verbally to questions posed by the teacher. This will ensure that  student's ability to express themselves through written or verbal means, is properly harnessed.

Please take your assignments seriously . The weighted grade of each assignment is 10 points. It counts towards your final grade.

Points to Note:
For students who already completed Module 1, there is a need to return to Module 1 to complete your assignments as subsequent modules will be restricted if assignments are not submitted.

Students who submit blank pages or subcontract their work to others will be found out and penalized. Please do not hesitate to contact your teachers if difficulties arise