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  • To add an assignment submission...

1. Click on the relevant course in your list of enrolled courses.

2. Click on the holiday assignment you wish to add a submission for.

3. Read through the questions and take note of the recommended submission type.

4. Click on add a submission, add the relevant submission type (online text or file submission) and when you are done, click on save, click on submit, and confirm submit.


Please Note:

Where you are instructed to add a file submission and not online text, the acceptable file formats are .pdf .docx .doc (Adobe Portable Document Format & Microsoft office Word)


  • How to convert jpeg,jpg and png pictures to PDF or Office Word Format:

1: Take photographs of your handwritten assignment

2: Open a Microsoft office word editor on your personal computer

3:  Copy and paste your pictures into the Microsoft Word editor. Format the pictures appropriately giving attention to page order.

4: Save your work as .docx or doc or PDF if you are using office word 2007 and above.

5: Upload the docx or doc or PDF file using the file picker in the submission option of your assignment page.


  • Where you do not have a personal computer or the appropriate editor, you may use an online image to PDF converter

1: Upload your pictures to the website using the file picker (Upload Files)

2: Arrange your pictures in the right order in the conversion page

3: Click combined to download a PDF file that combines all uploaded pictures as a single file.

4:Upload the downloaded PDF file using the file picker in the submission option of your assignment page.


  • To reduce your Image Size

1: Set your camera resolution to an appropriate pixel before taking photographs of your hand written assignment.


2: Visit to compress your image files.

Thank You...





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