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Open your web browser and type on your address bar


Click the login button (Top Right) and fill in your given Username and Password on the Login box and click Login.


Scroll down to your enrolled course category.


Click on a subject for which you wish to attempt a CBT Test.


Click on Exam Week and click on the quiz name – e.g. SECOND TERM EXAM


The next page will be opened; it gives instructions about the exam. Do read them carefully because it mentions the “time allowed for the exam”, types of questions and other relevant information.


There will be a button at the bottom of the page with the instruction “ATTEMPT QUIZ NOW”. Clicking on “ATTEMPT QUIZ NOW” will open a new page having initial questions of your exam. Each page you move to will have questions in proper sequence.


At the top of your question page/display, (depending on your screen size), there will be a clock showing time. The time shown in the clock goes in descending sequence to show you the remaining time.  I.e. 80 Minutes, 79 Minutes, 78 Minutes ….


Each question will have multiple choices for selecting the correct one or there will be a space for writing if it asks for explanatory answer, numerical answer or short text answer.


For answering multiple choice questions, a circle or a box is given with each choice (or option). You will have to tick a mark for the correct choice.


For answering question which asks for explanatory answers, numerical answer or short text answer, a textbox is displayed next to the question. Write the answer in the textbox


Each page has buttons with the name “NEXT PAGE” and “PREVIOUS PAGE” for moving to next and previous pages. There will also be a straight bar ‘QUICK NAVIGATION” showing all the question numbers with attempted questions colored grey and non-attempted questions colored white. Thus, you can move to a question number by clicking it


Don’t get stuck in one question wasting all your time on it. If any question is difficult, leave it and move on to the next question. Attempt the entire easier question and leave the difficult one to be solved at the end of the test if you have time for them.


When you reach the last page of your questions, you may have skipped few questions. The QUICK NAVIGATION bar allows you to easily go back to those questions to attempt them.


At the bottom of the last page of the exam, it shows a button “FINISH ATTEMPT”. On the next page that opens, click “SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH”. Confirm by clicking “SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH” again.


When you click the button “SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH” button, your result/score is displayed to you.


Navigate to the other subjects/courses to attempt their quiz (CBT EXAM).


View the video (NAVIGATING UPSS CBT EXAM) on the site homepage for demonstration.