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Big Aunty

   Mrs. Julliet Urevbu - Principal

Good Morning my dear Parents/Guardians. For some days now, I have read your expressed concerns on this forum. This is to officially address these issues. Today, I want to intimate you with a few facts. The corona pandemic is worldwide. Reputable schools around the world have adopted online teaching and online assessments. In order to practice social distancing, this is the ONLY choice we have. 

As a school, we have made plans to engage our students through the use of our portal. Having considered the fears and concerns of our parents about our plans of completing the term with the Computer Based Test (CBT), we encourage parents having network challenges in their areas, to switch to a network provider that is more suitable. 

As for the exams at UPSS, we will not spring it on you. The process will be one where your children will be eased into it as we do a lot of practice tests .We will do this to enable us see and monitor flaws in the system. We will make sure these flaws are corrected and that your children have had enough practice before we make the final examinations available to them.

Online assessments have been conducted for years by different bodies and a lot of advancements in technology have surfaced to curb malpractice. Let me intimate you with one. Exam proctor: What this does is allowing the conducting teacher to see who is taking the exam as well as hear them while they are taking the examination. We already have this plugin in our learning management system. Cheating through proctoring is eliminated or at least at bare minimum. As parents, it is your responsibility to get some tools for this examination; a computer that is webcam enabled or with webcam as an attachment, android phones and headsets. 

Students should make sure that their devices are properly charged. The school is making plans to organize a mock examination to ascertain the effectiveness of the procedure and also receive complains if there is any. Parents are to note that the school has taken measures to check examination malpractices by carrying out investigations on the performances of students and make comparison of their previous academic standing. Parents are encouraged to help monitor their children during the examinations. 

We are all in this together. It is best we start cooperating for the ultimate good of our children. These are trying times; the effects of this pandemic might last longer than we think. Let us not allow it to affect our children's academic stability. Every day, we pray for God’s guidance. So, we make decisions that are only beneficial for the children, our children, and our future. 

You have trusted us thus far, that is why your children are in UPSS. Give us the opportunity to do what we are trained to do; which is to educate our children. 

Thank You.